Nightly Rental License

Any residence that is rented on a nightly basis (a period of time less than 30 consecutive days to one entity) needs to obtain a Nightly Rental License.

A Fire Inspection will be due for the 2022 Nightly Rental License Program.  The NRL will not be issued until the inspection is completed.  The owner will need to contact Dan Mayer at Grand Lake fire to schedule.  He can be reached at:  Cell – 970-389-8676 or Office – 970-627-8428.  You may also email:

Online Registration

The Town of Grand Lake is excited to announce the launch of our new Nightly Rental website. We have partnered with Host Compliance to bring you an expansive site that allows you to apply for your new Nightly Rental License, renew your current nightly rental license and pay the fees all in one quick and conveniet place. Click on the Online Registration link above to begin the process. 

If you would like to report a problem with a Nightly Rental within the Town of Grand Lake, please call our hotline at 970-293-7979, or, you may proceed to our complaint portal link:

Online Complaint Portal

More information on Nightly Rental Licenses can be found in Municipal Code Chapter 12: Article 2: Section 31B

Town Nightly Rental Map

Nightly Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I use a property manager, am I still required to purchase a nightly rental license?

A: Yes, a Nightly Rental License must be obtained for each structure, dwelling, or dwelling unit. But, an additional sales tax license need not be obtained if the Property Manager has already obtained one.


Q: What information is required to be submitted on a site plan?

A: A site plan is a sketch that identifies the different improvements on your property (to scale). The site plan that you submit to the Town should address, at a minimum, the following features: Location of home as it relates to the property, including any decks or other features connected to the home, driveway as well as number of parking spaces, snow storage location (1/3 of driveway area) and the garbage dumpster location, as well as the trash company that you’re using and schedule of pick up.


Q: What will the application process entail for a home in a residentially zoned district?

A: Once the application, application fee, site plan and Nightly Rental License fee have been accepted by the Town, Town staff will notify all neighbors within 100’ of your property. If no one objects in writing to the proposed use within 14 days, the license will be granted administratively. If one or more property owners object to this use, the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees will consider it as a Conditional Use. Namely, each body will have the option of scheduling a Public Hearing/Meeting to consider the proposed use; the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees will have three options: approve, approve with conditions or deny.


Q: How do you renew a Nightly Rental License?

A: For Commercial, Commercial Transitional and Resort Districts, the applicant must only repurchase the Nightly Rental License. For all other zoning districts, if no written complaints or citations have been written relating to the specific property within the past year, the applicant must only repurchase the Nightly Rental License. If one or more written complaints or citations have been received during the past 12 months, the applicant must re-apply and the application shall be treated as a Conditional Use as outlined above.