Town Hall Staff


Town Manager: Jim White –
Jim is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town government. He is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the efficient administration of all departments of the Town government. He has been with the Town since 2015.
Town Clerk: Katie Nicholls –
Katie is the Clerk to the Board of Trustees, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments. As such, she takes the official minutes of these meetings and is responsible for the publication of all Ordinances, legal notices, and notices of public hearings. She is responsible for the issuance of all liquor licenses, handles all aspects of a municipal election, serves as the municipal court clerk, and administers the Grand Lake Cemetery. She has been with the Town since 2015.
Town Treasurer:  Erin Ackerman –
Erin is the fiduciary custodian of all the town's financial accounts and records.  She is responsible for all accounts payable, accounts receivable, water billings, payroll, and sales tax information, in addition to budget and audit preparation. She has been with the Town since 2013.

Town Planner:
Nate Shull
Nate is involved in planning for growth and development within the Town of Grand Lake, including areas under consideration for annexation to the Town. He works extensively with the Board of Trustees, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment on many items including Town Code revisions, review of land use and building permit applications, and accomplishes zoning inspections.
Code Enforcement: Erin ORourke –
Erin enforces the provisions of the Town Code, responds to complaints of potential code violations, issues notices for corrections, reviews and issues sign permits, represents the Town at Municipal Court hearings, assists with building permit applications and inspections, and monitors the Town’s Nightly Rental Licensing and Tree Mitigation programs. She has been with the Town since 2016.
Admin Assistant: Rita Snock –
Rita is the Town’s receptionist, issues all standard forms for permits and prepares business licenses. She is responsible for marquee updates, schedules the use of all Town facilities: board room, community house, pavilion, gazebo, Town Park, Point Park, Lakefront Park, etc., and prepares Special Event Permits for the Mayor's approval and signature. She has been with the Town since 2016.
Public Works Director: Bernie McGinn –
Bernie is responsible for the use, development and maintenance of all Town streets, parks, facilities, equipment and vehicles. He is also responsible for purchasing equipment and supplies for the Public Works Department.  He has been with the Town since 1979.
Bernie manages a Public Works department of four full-time staff:  John Zeleznikar (Operator I), Randy Lewis (Parks), Chris Ruske (Operator I), and Tracy Temple (Maintenance).
Water Superintendent: Dave Johnson
Dave manages the Town’s water distribution system, reads meters, schedules repairs and installations to water mainlines, and is a certified water operator. He has been with the Town since 1995.
Marina Director:  Jon T. Hall
Jon directs all aspects of the operation of the Headwaters Marina including personnel, boat rental, equipment, and building maintenance. He has been with the Town since 2014.