Water Department




Town of Grand Lake 2020 Drinking Water Report

The Water Department maintains the Town's water wells, the storage and treatment of Town water, and maintenance of the Town's water mains. Service lines (between the water main and the home/business) are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Water Department Staff:

Superintendent - Dave Johnson (djohnson@toglco.com)

Assistant Water Operator - Kial Magnuson

Water Rates and Fees

Water billings are sent to our customers quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Please contact the Town Treasurer at Town Hall for more information. 

Water charges are based on a minimum fee per quarter for 27,000 gallons or less of usage. If usage exceeds 27,000 gallons, an additional charge per 1,000 gallons used is assessed. Charges are listed below:

         In-Town Water Rates:

$ 147.00 per quarter for up to 27,000 gallons used
$    2.00 per thousand gallons over 27,000 gallons


            Out-of-Town Water Rates:

$ 294.00 per quarter for up to 27,000 gallons used

$    4.00 per thousand gallons over 27,000 gallons

Please note, the Town has determined a 10-year water rate increase schedule.  To view the 10-year schedule, please click here.
Water Tap Fees for new connection to Town water:

Tap fees are used for Water Department capital projects to maintain and expand the water system infrastructure. Tap fees are listed below:

¾" tap - $ 6,500.00

1" tap - $ 13,000.00

1 ½" tap - $ 26,000.00

Call for the Tap Fee on larger diameter connections.

Note: Extension of water mains and service line installation is at the expense of the customer.