Grand Lake Cemetery


About the Grand Lake Cemetery


The Grand Lake Cemetery is one of few active cemeteries remaining within the National Park System. It is located inside Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) at US Hwy. 34 and County Road 49 (Western Rd.) The cemetery is operated and maintained by the Cemetery Committee (Mandy Hanifen, Chairman) consisting of four members appointed by the Town Board of Trustees, as well as the Grand Lake Town Clerk and a RMNP representative. Cemetery Committee meetings are held quarterly, and additionally as needed.

Administered under a National Park Service Permit, prior approval is required for all burials, all monument placement, all excavation or ground disturbance, planting (no artificial flowers are permitted) or any alteration or addition to the natural or historical condition of the area. Violators are subject to Federal Prosecution. 


History of the Grand Lake Cemetery


The present Grand Lake Cemetery was first recorded in the county court house in 1875 as a cemetery with 10 tracts.  At that time it was on the Harbison Ranch property. Rocky Mountain National Park was founded in 1915 and it is thought that a special permit was issued for the cemetery from the beginning.  It was reissued in 1992 and has been extended to 1996. You can learn more about the history of the Grand Lake Cemetery on the Grand Lake Area Historical Society website




Portions of the Grand Lake Cemetery were burned during the East Troublesome Fire in 2020. Be aware that you may encounter hazards in the cemetery, such as:

  • Unstable dead trees - Especially in windy conditions
  • Stump holes - Ground may be weak & unstable
  • Loose rocks and logs - Watch for rolling debris underfoot

Conditions may require temporary closures for hazard mitigation. Any closures will be posted on the Town website.

Learn more about Grand Lake's fire recovery efforts here: