Community Development

The Community Development Department administers the oversight for planning and zoning activities within the municipal boundaries. It is also responsible for contracting building services (permit review, issuance and project approval) with the Grand County Building Department. ALL building and construction permits must be submitted via the CloudPermit online system. You must create an account at and login to submit applications. 

About CloudPermit

CloudPermit is a digital solution for building permits - think of an express lane for municipal building permits and approvals. Designed to resolve the issues of complicated paper permit processes, CloudPermit brings together government authorities, construction companies, and private citizens in a shared digital workspace. With Cloudpermit, you can manage your building projects efficiently and effortlessly through a single service while avoiding paper drawings and floods of emails. Cloudpermit simplifies the municipal building approval process by digitalizing it and having it all in one digital space. It also enables you to access information 24/7/365 when working remotely or outside office hours.

How to Apply for a New Permit

Creating and submitting applications on Cloudpermit is quick and easy. To do so, you’ll need to follow a few steps outlined below. Cloudpermit will instruct you on how to complete and submit the application. Once submitted, the municipal authority will review it. In the meantime, you should receive email notifications to keep you on track with the application review and processing. A final issued permit will be available for you to download from Cloudpermit. A short tutorial can be found at

Steps for Submitting Building Permits: 

1. Go to to select and fill out the necessary forms for your project (scroll down to "Building Permits")
2. Go to and create an account, or login to an existing account
3. Follow the prompts to upload your completed forms to the Cloud Permit platform. 


NEW! Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District 2024 Fee Schedule

Effective January 9, 2024 all building plan reviews require a payment of a fee upon submission. This fee is separate from the tap fee and applies to all plans reviewed whether a tap is purchased or not. The fee varies depending on the property type. Electronic approvals will be delayed until paid. They can drop off, mail, or pay the fee online by logging into their account. See fees and learn more at Please contact Three Lake Water & Sanitation District directly with any questions. 


To request an appointment with the Grand Lake Community Development department, please use our online booking calendar here