Municipal Court

The Town of Grand Lake's Municipal Court has original jurisdiction of all cases arising under the Code and Articles of the Town, with full power to impose fines and penalties. The Municipal Court is located in the Town Hall Board Room, 1026 Park Avenue, Grand Lake, Colorado.

Town Attorney: Scotty P. Krob


Frequently Asked Questions


1. I received a traffic ticket, now what?

Most violations may be resolved by paying the fine listed on the ticket before the scheduled court date. Traffic tickets may be paid by mail to the Town of Grand Lake, P. O. Box 99, Grand Lake, CO 80447 or in person at Town Hall, 1026 Park Avenue. Be sure to send a copy of the ticket with your payment. *IF YOU RECEIVE A TICKET OR CITATION FROM THE GRAND COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE, PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR PAPERWORK TO CONTACT THE SHERIFFS OFFICE DIRECTLY IN HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS*

By making payment, the violator admits guilt. The points assessed, if any, will be reduced if paid by the date stated on your ticket. A record will be sent to the State Department of Motor Vehicles. They will assess the appropriate number of points to the driving history.

If you were issued a summons or you wish to contest a ticket, you MUST appear in Municipal Court.

2. I was unable to renew my Driver's License because of a Default Judgment filed by the Town of Grand Lake, how do I find out what to do?

You most likely have an outstanding traffic ticket and failure to appear charge. Contact the Court Clerk to arrange payment of the fine and any additional fees or to appear in Court.

3. How do I plead Not Guilty and have my day in Court?

Keep in mind that only the Judge can dismiss a case. Please appear in Court on the day and time listed on your ticket. Check in with the Clerk and you will be given a copy of "Your Rights in Court". If you can't appear on that date and time, contact the Court Clerk during business hours. If you would like a copy of "Your Rights in Court" prior to court, contact the Court Clerk at (970) 627-3435 or town [at] (Email) us.